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Monday, May 24, 2010

You screwed me, Lost.

Lost Spoilers below.

Working on a few lists to help express my total disappointment in the Lost finale.
I don't have a problem with the fact that they are all dead in the alt-verse and that it's actually a kind of purgatory. I haven't had a problem with the ghosts that have been appearing since the first episode. I can accept that.
What I can't accept is that the alt-verse served no other purpose than to give an ending, because apparently the writers couldn't come up with an ending to the actual story we've been following for the past 6 years. And I can't accept that they didn't answer a damn thing OTHER than what the alt-verse is. Remove the alt-verse from the season and what are you left with? A show with no explanation other than "It's Magic!". This "ending" could be tacked on to just about any show out there. Seinfeld could have done the same ending. Newhart could have done the same ending. It is a one-size-fits-all ending.

So with that in mind, and people who think I'm just not happy with the answers they gave, here's my ongoing list of unanswered questions. Also, there's a list of questions that were actually answered. It's a short list.

Unanswered Qs from Lost.
Why was Dharma food being dropped, despite that the Dharma Initiative hadn't been around for 20 years. Why did the island cork turn smokey into smokey? What was the cork blocking and why was it magnetic? Why was the smoke monster called "a security system", even by Richard who apparently knew it was an evil man? What is the significance of the Egyptian mythology? Who built that stuff? What was Smokey's name? Why was Walt so special? Why did the island cure cancer? Why did it fix John Locke's spine? Why did the island NOT heal Ben's cancer? Where did the lighthouse come from and why does it see places around the world?

ANSWERED Q's in the big finale
What is the Alt Universe?- Limbo
Who is the new Jacob?- Hurley
What is the Island? (The most important question)- It's just an island, with a hole, filled with magic light, and there's literally a cork in it.

And don't tell me it's not about the island, and that it's about the characters. Of course it's about the characters. And the finale did the characters just as well as they always do, if not better. But, don't tell me it's not ALSO about the mystery of the island, and that we tuned in time and again because we believed, if we stuck in through it all, that we would have answers. Solid answers. Maybe not answers we wanted, but answers. And "It's magic", is most definitely not an answer.


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