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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hollywood is committing suicide

I just have to take a moment and express my views on Hollywood's self destructive behavior for a moment.
I used to be the guy who went to see as many movies as I could reasonably see, while they were in theaters. But lately, I haven't really seen any. I went to see Syriana and Munich in the theaters, and I think those were the last movies I saw in theaters. Because frankly, there's not been much to make me want to go pay 14 bucks to watch.
Which brings me to my point. Hollywood is stuck in a rut. Nothing new is being done. Lord of the Rings was the last great thing to happen in the theaters really. And looking at the movies coming out, doesn't inspire me with confidence. We have another summer of sequels coming, which always sounds good at the time, but usually leaves us all disappointed. Pirates 2, Superman Returns, Xmen3, etc... And today I've heard word of TWO more remakes coming. A remake of Clash of the Titans, and a remake of , no kidding, Revenge of the Nerds. Not to mention the TV Shows to Movies trend. Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice. Don't get me wrong, Miami Vice does look to be a decent film. But all these movie producers with their remakes, tv-to-films, and sequels, are shooting themselves in the foot I think. More and more, we are getting better home theaters, and with HDTV, I'm finding less of a need to go see movies in the theaters. I just watched Robots on HBO HD and I loved it. Not the movie so much, as the look of it. And seeing it in my home in HD was probably way better than sitting in a theater with whiny kids or annoying teenagers.
I guess what I'm getting at is, Hollywood needs to find a reason for people to bother putting up with the theater experience, and remakes are just going to push us away even more. I mean, why pay to see something you've already seen before. Any exciting visual effects will just be on the HD commercials anyway.
Supposedly this whole 3D thing will bring the crowds back, but I'm dubious.