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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Again with the SSS faking

So, it's me again, trying to find a more production (and user) friendly way to achieve that subsurface scattering look, without any complex shader work or long render times. This is my latest work on the subject. From Left to Right the shaders are:
ordinary blinn shader, blinn plus lambert with backlit translucency, and blinn+backlit translucence+another lambert for scattered translucence(or whatever you wanna call it).

anyway, the render times for each of these was around 45 seconds. No difference in render time from one to the other. the only reason it took 45 seconds was cause the mesh is made up of almost 1,300,000 triangles. Rendered in Mental Ray, cause this is a case where Maya's renderer just won't cut it. No textures. just three shaders and three spotlights.