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Friday, December 15, 2006

Top Shows

For this next top ten list, I'm going with the top 10 shows I've watched this year. And this year was a great year for television. I have a hard time figuring out what order to put them in.

1)Dexter (HBO)
2)Heroes (NBC)
3)Spaced (BBC)
4)Rome (HBO)
5)Extras (HBO)
6)Entourage (HBO)
7)Big Love (HBO)
8)Hex (BBC)
9)Black Books (BBC)
10)Peep Show (BBC)

Again, these aren't necessarily shows that started this year, just shows I watched this year. Actually some of them I watched on YouTube more than on TV, but it still counts cause it's my list.

Flushed Away ignored

So I was checking out the list of movies nominated for Golden Globes this year, and in the animated section they have Cars, Happy Feet, and Monster House. Umm...I thought Cars was supposed to be the weakest Pixar movie to date, and that it was mostly just a kids movie. I've heard Happy Feet and Monster House were surprisingly good, but I haven't seen any of them. However, I did see Flushed Away, and I loved it. How did it get ignored? Also, wasn't Over the Hedge supposed to be better than Cars, also? So why is Cars nominated?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

So, what with all the top ten lists coming from AFI and the like, now that the year is ending, I thought I would start my own top ten lists for 2006. Just because I have nothing better to put on this blog at the moment. So today I will post my picks for the best 10 films I saw this year. Not necessarily films from 2006, but just ones that I saw this year.

1)Little Miss Sunshine
4)The Host
5)Flushed Away
6)Casino Royale
8)Pirates of the Carribean 2
10)United 93